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My mission is to facilitate self-preservation of women of color through the power of self-care and to get rid of the myth of the Black Superwoman. I’m all for our black girl magic taking on the world but not to the detriment of our souls, health, spirit, and well-being. True wellness is a synthesis of mind, body, and spirit. ​


Your mind and body are not separate. Learn what makes you tick, how to improve your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and combat negative self-talk and bad habits. It's time for for total self-care 24/7.


Emotional wellness and physical wellness go hand in hand. Exercise is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, while giving you a healthy boost of self esteem.


Regardless of the specifics of your beliefs, connecting to your higher power on a regular basis can improve your health. Prayer, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga are all forms of spiritual connectedness.

Dr. Raushannah Johnson-Verwayne, also known as “Dr. RJ” is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, author and self-care expert.

Dr. Raushannah Johnson-Verwayne, also known as “Dr. RJ” is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder of Standard of Care Psychological Services, in Atlanta, GA.  Dr. RJ integrates education of the brain and body connection and explains neuroscience in a relatable manner. Dr. RJ brings a balance of science, practicality, wit, humor and relatedness. Whether it’s speaking at a women’s conference, hosting a corporate retreat, or attending a grassroots community service event, Dr. RJ is passionate about wellness and self-care.

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