Hear What Others Are Saying

Absolutely amazing. She’s helped me tremendously to acknowledge my weak and strong points to better myself as a man
Alex, Age 30
I was exhausted and angry. I couldn’t figure out why none of my relationships worked. After some really tough sessions, I was able to understand myself better.
Shondrae, Age 39
After working with Dr. RJ, I can deal with my everyday struggles better than I ever have
Donitra, Age 27
Dr. RJ seems to genuinely want to find the real problem and the real solution
Khai, Age 36
I was so stressed out that I literally thought I was losing my mind, but Dr. RJ reassured me that I was stronger than I thought I was. She was right.
Jessica, Age 20
It’s really hard to admit that you need to change, but I’m so glad I did. Dr. RJ made it easy.
Gerald, Age 44
My child is a totally different person now. Before she was always so angry and we never talked. Now, our relationship is actually enjoyable.
Lisa, Parent
My daughter was just about to give up on going to college because she was so depressed. We decided to try Dr. RJ as a last resort. She is now in her junior year of college and doing great!
William, Parent
I was tired of being the only one who would give, give, give and finally I said, ‘when will someone do something for me?’ Dr. RJ helped me find the answer.
Rachel, Age 29
Always a great experience
Stephanie, Parent