Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. It is a time meant for family, friends, fellowship, and most of all gratitude! In case you’ve gotten a little rusty, here are some tips to get your mind prepared for such a wonderful holiday:

1) Start a gratitude journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just write something every day that you’re thankful for. i.e. Today I’m thankful for the bright sunshine

2) For all of the days leading up to Thanksgiving (and afterwards) vow to eliminate complains, criticism, and gossip. Have your friends and family join your quest for positivity.

3) Take time to pay attention to the little things like nature’s colorful landscape, sounds of nature, a gentle breeze, and the smell of autumn.

4) Call someone you don’t normally talk to on the phone and sound genuinely happy to speak to them. It will mean more than you can ever imagine.

5) Give back. Give your money, time, or talent to an organization or cause and encourage children to participate.

6) Give at least one specific compliment daily and if you receive a compliment smile and say thank you.

7) Seek a moment of peace every day and be thankful for that moment.

Happy Thanksgiving. Some people say attitude is everything. I say gratitude is everything.